We're Your Special Kids

by D. Tetelman
(Bethesda, MD)

(Special Education Teacher Appreciation)

Sarah didn't hear you say
what we are going to learn today.
Sam jumped to his feet
each time he heard a noise repeat.

Norton is the clown, so droll
without a bit of impulse control.
Jane is lost inside her dreams
until for some reason, she screams.

Mickey's love seems endless
but his handwriting is a mess.
Bridget learned to say "hello"
but hates to see her mother go.

Life is hard for us everyday.
It's hard to learn and hard to play.
You are standing by our side
each day at school. You are our guides.

With your help we make progress
but not as quickly as the rest.
With each tiny step, be proud of
your patience, your strength,
your labor of love.

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