What Is Me

by Kayla

What I See

When they stare at me I turn my head away.
I can't bare to look at them, such a strange thing to do.
Staring into one's eyes is an awful thing to see. If only they could see things the way I see. I can't look at their face its just to hard to do, I can't look in their eyes it feels to weird, I can't talk to them no way no how, so I'm quiet and still, fading into the background, disappearing with the wind, knowing I'll never have a friend. I watch and listen, wait and see, looking for something but what could it be.

There was a young child sitting in a field of wildflowers.
She leaned forward to smell them, then she laid back and looked up at the sky watching the birds fly. A butterfly came and landed on her face, looking at her with curiosity. When the butterfly left the little girl closed her eyes and fell asleep.

To a world unknown and a world unseen, what lies between us, a world so big and yet so beautiful, can't you see it,
the colors are so magnificent, so bright and so true.
Open your eyes and see the world for the first time.

The child with the Emerald eyes sees all and knows the world through eyes not seen by others. Yet the others do not see the Emerald eyes. So what are they looking for if they cannot see, for the child with the Emerald eyes is me.

The birds sing, listen.
The wolves howl, join.
The wind blows, feel.
The sun shines, look.
The flowers bloom, and I see silence.

I have old eyes and a young heart, I see the world as I know, although I cannot see the world as you know, because
I will remain innocent and pure of heart, yet the world will try and rip it away from me, but I will not let them. For I see things they cannot.

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