Who Can Say?

by Audrea
(Plant City Florida)

My child is beautiful and bright.

I haven't seen a more adorable sight.
Who says there is something wrong?
Just because she babbles on and on.
How can she be defective one bit?
Just because she throws the loudest fit.
When she smiles at me, telling me more than a million words.
Saying that she's not right just sounds absurd.
When she giggles staring at the wall for hours on end.
I think giggling is a great way the time to spend.
Who says that she's impaired?
Just because she gets overly scared.
Who says that she's "just not right?"
When she squeezes her teddy super tight,
And spins non-stop around and around.
How can one flaw in her be found?
Who dare say she is anything but perfect and dear?
She is my strength to face any fear.
She is not a label nor a pity case.
Nor is she just another autistic face.
She is the glue and the spark.
When my world used to be so dark.
Whatever challege she may meet
will always be a victory, never a defeat.
It's in her blood to be a warrior strong.
If we are knocked down, we don't stay long.
So I ask, who can say that she is different from the rest?
I can, because I think that she is the best!

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