Who Said?

by Kirst Lou Crack
(Kettering Northants, UK)

Who said A.S don't physically hurt

By trying on a dress, trousers, shirt or skirt?
We don't like loud noises, crowds, faces
We sometimes act to others as
If we forgot our manners including graces
People then jump straight to rude
To then think we are one to be automatically crude
What does "lude" mean?
Don't get why the world has words around it!
As we don't quite get it – understand?
I get so confused, so cross
Why does everyone think A.S. is so grand?

Other autism poems shared with us by Kirst Lou Crack

Version, Side Dampered Pride In Which The Ulgy Duckling Flies

When I say A.S.
People tend to run, pretend, hide and snide
"Why can't I be like them others?"
Like the beautiful "normal"' swan that glides
Is that version or sides?
Instead I 'm the person that steps into
"The backward spiral slides"
I feel the ugly duckling as she spreads her wings
Traps as she escapes and flies
And silently screams
Inside I 'm "burning" to let out "lonely cries!"
Feel cruel, like a total fool
To me - I see a reflection shinning in the mirror
Obviously not you!
Obviously Me!

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