Why, Why At School?

by Kirst Lou Crack
(Kettering Northants, UK)

Why at school?

Was I not cool?
Why at school did no one
Stand up to play "my ball?"
No one at all!

All I end up asking is why!
Why was I known to everyone as stupid, as bad,
Naughty, something I could never have been!
While my peers played cupid (kiss chase)
I was yet again questioning, wondering...

What is stupid?
It must be me because everyone can see it for sure
I was told to close the door
This shook me and my family to the ulmitate core

So why did I "crave" me?
Confused and lost
Yet begging for someone to save me, maybe!

So many tears shed
Known to "outsiders" as dread
Wish I could fake, pretend dead

All I felt was fear
When yet again it stepped up a fast gear
Felt like a class clown
All the time put down

Sent me out
Thought I was classroom mindless lout
Always questioned, wondered why?

I'd talk to the sky
To find out the "true cry"
Please next time don't question me
As the truth is quite plain to see!

Another autism poem shared with us by Kirst Lou Crack

Having A.S could be seen as one great big mass mess
I think could be classed as wild growing cress
Our minds are like a big mind play of chess
How did I get involved in this crazy test?
I hate it, grates at same time-blocked up with endless forever grime
Who can you begin to say this is mine?
Is this seen as a crime?

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