Wish I Could Follow

by Amber Machado
(Ketchikan, Alaska)

The way she moves, the way she speaks,

So different and yet so similar to me.
I want to know how she feels,
What captivates her as real.

I watch emotions play over her face,
Frustration and joy she just cannot place.
There is no context from which to draw,
No rhyme or reason to the flickers I saw.

She moves away too fast to hold on to,
Comforting herself with what she can do.
She spins and sings and holds her self tight,
Using movement and melody to fend off the night.

What a lonely world it seems to be,
So isolated from others and their reality.
She communicates in her mind, where I cannot follow;
I wish I could share in her joy and sorrow.

Very few can journey there,
Those who grasp for meaning, find only air.
Her world exists as pictures locked within her head;
Textures rich, colors bright, and things left unsaid.

Contact is precious when her world meets mine,
Such fleeting, intangible snapshots in time.
If only the connection were always there,
To offer comfort, guidance, to share.

I hope there is a picture of me in her mind,
Attached to a string I may someday find.
For now I support; provide her a friend,
If only to hope, I’ll meet her in the end.

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